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Really, this is the most life-changing piece of software I've found for my Palm.  It's small, works perfectly and what it does is clever and brilliant.  In a week, I was able to recognize any interval almost every time.

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Ear Trainer sounds two tones a particular interval apart.  You must identify and indicate the correct interval to proceed.

You can select exactly which intervals you want to be drilled in.




Ear Trainer for the Palm will drill you in the skill of recognizing musical pitch intervals, a vital foundation of musicianship.  A random interval will be sounded, and you must identify and indicate it correctly by name to proceed.  (You can educate yourself regarding the intervals and their relationships, names and symbols from Ear Trainer's Menu option "Theory".  The text there is also available on this website.)  Hitting "Replay" will replay the last interval sounded.

You may select which intervals you are to be drilled in from the Menu option "Interval Selection".  It's recommended that you try to begin with only the intervals that you can already identify, then slowly add more intervals one at a time as your skill advances to allow it.  Further ear training instructions will be found from Ear Trainer's Menu option "Theory", especially the last three sections there (or you can click here to read that text).

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